Uncover the latest information on attacker strategies and trends across the email threat landscape.
B 08 01 23 MKT324 H2 2023 Email Threat Report Ai
The latest threat report shows that 37.5% of all applications request high-risk permissions—putting your email environment in danger.
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Gen AI
New attacks stopped by Abnormal show how attackers are using ChatGPT and similar tools to create more realistic and convincing email attacks.
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B 05 08 23 MKT006 Rise of Israel Based BEC Attacks AI 1
A recent study uncovered the emergence of an Israel-based threat group with no direct ties to Nigeria that launches sophisticated, multistage BEC attacks targeting global enterprises.
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B AI Stopping Vendor Email Compromise 36 M Fraud
Abnormal recently observed an attempted vendor email compromise attack that sought to steal $36 million from the target. Here's how we detected and stopped the attack.
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