Uncover the latest information on attacker strategies and trends across the email threat landscape.
B 08 01 23 MKT324 H2 2023 Email Threat Report Ai
The latest threat report shows that 37.5% of all applications request high-risk permissions—putting your email environment in danger.
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B 1500x1500 Threat Group Naming Convention AI L1 R1
Discover how the Abnormal Threat Intel team is able to track and categorize BEC attacks into threat groups and learn about the strategy we use to name the groups we identify.
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B 12 12 22 Chat GPTAI Site
Discover how ChatGPT can be used by threat actors to run business email compromise schemes and other email attacks.
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ABN Abnormal Security New Photo 28
For years, executives were the go-to impersonated party in business email compromise attacks. Now, threat actors are opting to impersonate vendors and suppliers instead.
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B AI Threat Intel Phishing Attacks HR Policies
Threat actors are capitalizing on the new year, posing as human resources officials to send credential phishing attacks.
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