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Deconstructing the Ransomware Landscape: Interactions with a Threat Actor

Ransomware is a major problem, and it’s not going away. To understand it, we must understand why threat actors turn to it—and how it can be stopped. The best way to do that is to chat with the masterminds behind these attacks.

We recently identified a new attack where a Nigerian threat actor offered a million dollars in bitcoin to anyone who was willing to turn on their employer and deploy DemonWare—a type of ransomware—on their servers. Since then, we’ve had multiple conversations with this person, learning who he is and why ransomware is his attack of choice.

View this webinar to hear our Director of Threat Intelligence Crane Hassold discuss:

  • The evolution of the ransomware problem
  • Why ransomware has increased in the last five years
  • How we used threat intelligence tactics to track down this cybercriminal

You’ll also hear directly from the source himself, as our Nigerian threat actor discusses his life of cybercrime.

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