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Phishing Attack Impersonates Dashlane Using Lookalike Domain to Steal Sensitive Information

Attackers exploit the urgency of account verification to deceive recipients into disclosing personal data through a spoofed Dashlane email.

Threat Actors Impersonate IRS and in Sophisticated Phishing Attempt

Using a spoofed email and a convincing phishing site, attackers attempt to steal sensitive information under the guise of identity verification.

DHL Impersonator Uses Spoofed Email to Trick Recipients into Paying Fraudulent Fees

Attackers exploit the urgency of parcel delivery issues to steal payment details via a spoofed DHL email.

Phisher Impersonates Roundcube and Uses Deceptive Gmail Address to Attempt Credential Theft

An attacker creates a sense of urgency by threatening email discontinuation and prompts the recipient to enter account information into a phishing page mimicking a legitimate login portal.

Phishing Attack Impersonates Wells Fargo Using Newly-Registered Domain to Steal Sensitive Information

Attackers use a malicious email and fraudulent website to exploit the urgency of account security and deceive recipients.

Venmo Impersonator Uses Free Russian Webmail Account to Initiate Fraudulent Fund Transfer

Attackers exploit the trust in Venmo's brand to deceive recipients into refunding non-existent payments.

Threat Actor Uses Impersonation and Spoofing to Deliver Malicious Payload in Likely AI-Generated Attack

Using a spoofed email address, an attacker poses as a known brand and attempts to convince the target to open a malicious attachment.

Threat Actor Impersonates Spotify and Attempts to Steal Payment Details in Likely AI-Generated Phishing Attack

Attackers use a spoofed email to exploit the trust of Spotify users and direct them to a phishing site under the guise of updating payment information.

PayPal Impersonator Sends Fraudulent Account Notification Using Spoofed Email Address to Steal Account Credentials

An attacker poses as PayPal and attempts to exploit the fear of account compromise to compel targets to log into a fake website.

Threat Actor Impersonates Bankrupt Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX Trading Ltd. in Likely AI-Generated Phishing Attack

Attackers exploit the demise of FTX Trading Ltd. to deceive recipients into divulging sensitive information through a fraudulent withdrawal scheme.

Phisher Expertly Impersonates DHL Branding in Likely AI-Generated Attack

Using a fraudulent notification regarding a delivery issue, an attacker hopes to compel a target to divulge sensitive information.

Phishing Attack Impersonates Bendigo and Adelaide Bank to Harvest Personal Information

Attackers exploit a compromised email account to deceive recipients with an urgent account verification request.

Likely AI-Generated Vishing Attack Leverages Impersonation of Peacock and Fake Subscription Confirmation

A threat actor claims the target has signed up for the streaming service and includes a fabricated invoice to compel them to contact a fake customer support line.

Phisher Impersonates SiriusXM and Sends Fake Cancellation Notice to Harvest Credit Card Details

By posing as SiriusXM and offering a free 90-day subscription extension, an attacker hopes to convince the target to provide their credit card information.

Attacker Impersonates American Express to Trick Targets into Downloading Malware in Password Reset Scam

A threat actor exploits the trust of a known brand and manufactures urgency to deceive recipients into downloading malware under the guise of restoring account access.

Threat Actor Masquerades as Amazon Web Services Offering $300 Credit in Phishing Attack

An attacker attempts to steal sensitive information by impersonating AWS and encouraging the target to click a phishing link disguised as an application for an account credit.

UPS Impersonator Convincingly Incorporates Branding in Credential Theft Attempt

An attacker uses a fake failed delivery notification and invitation to sign up for UPS My Choice to compel a target to divulge sensitive information.

Likely AI-Generated Phishing Attack Spoofs Craigslist to Steal Payment Information

A cybercriminal impersonates Craigslist and sends a likely AI-generated email regarding a payment failure to convince the target to provide payment details.

Likely AI-Generated Phishing Attack Uses Compromised Email Account to Impersonate Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

Attackers use an AI-generated email to exploit the trust of a known brand and direct recipients to a phishing site under the guise of enhancing account security.

Phishing Attack Impersonates PT Federal International Finance to Steal Bitcoin Wallet Credentials

Attackers attempt to deceive the recipient with a fake Bitcoin funding notification, leading to credential theft via a fraudulent website.


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