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AI Unleashed: 5 Real-World Email Attacks Generated by AI in 2023

Discover examples of real-world AI-generated malicious emails that our customers have encountered and how Abnormal detected them.

In the past year, generative AI made groundbreaking strides in understanding and generating human-like text. User-friendly tools like ChatGPT quickly gained popularity, allowing modern businesses to streamline operations like never before. Unfortunately, access to generative AI has also empowered cybercriminals to execute more sophisticated attacks—often starting through email.

This report provides five real-world examples of malicious emails that were likely generated by AI. These attacks targeted Abnormal customers in 2023 and showcase how the threat landscape is changing as generative AI increases in popularity.

Download AI Unleashed: 5 Real-World Email Attacks Likely Generated by AI in 2023 to learn:

  • What AI-generated attacks look like and how they differ from attacks of the past

  • How advanced email attacks are identified as likely created by generative AI

  • Why legacy solutions struggle to detect these attacks and how Abnormal remediates them via its AI-native platform

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