Providing Unique Insight into Emerging Attacks

Abnormal Intelligence provides you with the latest information about the attacks that matter most so you can best prepare your organization.

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Our Latest Research

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What We Do

Discover New Threats

Our team uncovers new tactics as they happen, exploring the ways that threat actors run their scams.

Research the Latest Tactics

Once we know about a new tactic, we dive deep to understand the strategy and consequences.

Ensure You’re Prepared

We release new information weekly so you know what is changing across the threat landscape.

About Abnormal Intelligence

Abnormal Intelligence provides threat research that enables security teams to understand new trends in business email compromise, credential phishing, and other advanced attacks. By understanding the threat actors behind these attacks and the tactics they use, we can better predict shifts in their strategy.

Abnormal researches emerging attacks to ensuring that our machine learning models stay one step ahead. We also advise customers on the latest risks and if attacks escalate, help them mitigate the damage.

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