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B 08 08 22 H2 Threat Report AI

H2 2022: Threat Actors Impersonate 265 Different Brands in Credential Phishing Attacks

Credential phishing attacks represent a huge threat to organizations as a well-crafted (or even somewhat realistic-looking) phishing email can trick an employee into providing login credentials.

In our threat report covering data from January-June 2022, Abnormal Security found a 48% increase in email attacks over the previous six months, and 68.5% of those attacks included a credential phishing link. Cybercriminals posed as well-known brands in 15% of phishing attacks, with social networks and Microsoft products being the most frequently impersonated.

H2 2022 LP Percentage of Advanced Attacks by Type

Download the report for insight into the current email threat landscape and the latest advanced email attack trends. Findings include:

  • 150% year-over-year increase in business email compromise attacks

  • 89% of large enterprises receive a financial supply chain compromise attack each week

  • 265 individual brands were impersonated in credential phishing attacks, with LinkedIn and Microsoft taking the lead

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