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All your data has been hacked and copied to my servers. Instructions inside


Good Day.

The following is the last warning.

I broke into your system thru the Wireless router you were linking to.

A few months prior, I easily accessed the devices that you utilized to get on the net.

All the info out of your electronics and devices was immediately replicated to my hosting space.

I can take advantage of all your mobile messengers, social media sites, e-mail, chats, & contact-list.

My malware continuously updates its signature (driver-type), for that reason it stays invisible to anti-virus applications.
I assume at this point you see, why I stayed quite until today

Whilst gathering information about yourself, I noticed you happen to be a huge follower of adult sites & more.
You really prefer to go to porno sites & view kinky video clips whilst getting an orgasmic pleasure.

I have already created a cam capturing videos of you wanking off.
A montage of the videos you're watching at the time and your self pleasure.
Your face is distinctly visible. I do not believe this sort of content would-be great for your profile.

I can certainly forward this video out to everybody who knows you.

I also have no problem with rendering all your private data open to public on the web.
I do believe you know what I'm talking about.

It'll be a real problem for you.

I'll be able to mess up your daily life forever.

I really feel that you seriously don't need this to take place.

Let's resolve it that way: you send me 1200 $ (dollars) thru Bitcoin equivalent at the time of financial transaction), and i'll right away delete all of your info from my web servers.
Afterward, we will just disregard each other.

My btc wallet address for transaction: bc1qvrczz2jwfvyvumsj8pgzqavmfh0mhrte6g64sn

If you don't know how to send cash & what exactly btc is. Simply just type in the Google "Get btc".

I provide you with 2 business days to send the money.
The timer started counting automatically after you read this email.
I will receive a notification the minute this e-mail is opened.

Do not aim to search for aid, as the wallet can not be traced, email the message is originating from & can't be followed also & created automatically, therefore there is no reason for texting me.
Don't  attempt to contact the law enforcement & some other protection services, & if you choose to, your information will undoubtedly be posted.

Switching passwords in social network sites, e-mail, and devices isn't going to help you, as all the information is already saved to my computers.

Good luck & do not do something silly. Think about your own future.

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