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Verrry important



Let me be direct, I know the fact you like to see [P]ORN0GRAPH[Y] content on yours smart-phone , and I reecorded you while you MASTURRBATE. Your smart phone got a vlrus and give me access to turn on your phone camera in hidden mode , and I also extracted all your phone list, social media lists, email contacts so I can get a benefit.

So, if you don`t send me 800$ value in [B]IT[C]0IN the video with u doing, you know what, will be sent to all your contacts. U can search on Google for Pax ful to get the coins and use the next address to send them.

The amount(approximately): 0.017

The Address Part 1: 14jW8kT1XHZ2vhCZrqd

The Address Part 2: 5GCZEt2ATi74QpP

Now, you have to copy and paste manually Part1 and Part2 and the string result of 34 characters with no space between parts that start with "1" and end with "P" is in fact the final address which in Case Sensitive where the bribery must to be sent. I give you a few days!

Oh, BTW, to remove my sneaky stuff from your device search for this, how to restore to factory settings [your phone model] and follow the steps. As well... you may want to quit this addiction, not good for health.

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Fake Malware Infection