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Gift Card BEC Attack Impersonates COO to Encourage Employee Performance

This BEC attack impersonated a company COO using a free webmail account registered using the COO’s name to request an employee purchase gift cards to reward employee performance.

Executive Impersonated in Request to Pay Fake New Contractor

This BEC attack impersonated a company executive using a free Estonian email account to request that a payment be sent to a new independent contractor.

Credential Phishing Attack Poses as Executive’s Bonus Document

This payload-based credential phishing attack targeted an executive posing as an attached document needing review before receiving a company bonus.

Vendor Accountant Impersonated to Divert Outstanding Payment Due to COVID-19/Monkeypox Outbreak

This attack impersonates an accountant at a third-party supplier to request an outstanding payment to an alternate account due to a supposed outbreak of COVID-19 and monkeypox.

German-Language Message From “CEO” Attempts to Coerce Fraudulent Payment from CFO

This German-language attack targets a CFO impersonating the company CEO to request internal bank account details and a large outgoing payment.

Microsoft Password Expiration Pretext Used in Credential Phishing Attack

This phishing attack impersonates Microsoft using a password expiration theme to steal credentials via a malicious link.

CEO Impersonated in BEC Attack Requesting List of Pending Legal Settlements

This attack impersonates a company CEO to request a file containing a list of legal settlements that are pending payments.

Swedish Language Attack Requests Payment for an Overdue Invoice via a Fake Email Chain

This Swedish-language BEC attack impersonates a company executive to request payment for an outstanding invoice referenced in a fake email chain.

Australian Tax Office Impersonated in Funds Transfer-themed Phishing Attack

This attack impersonates the Australian Taxation Office with a payment transfer theme and asks the recipient to validate their identity by leading them to a phishing page contained within an HTML attachment.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Payoff Quote Contains Credential Phishing Attachment

This attack impersonates Wells Fargo using a spoofed email address and a home mortgage payoff theme to steal credentials via an HTML attachment.

Blank Self-Addressed Spoofed Email Leads to Convincing Credential Phish

A spoofed email impersonates a settlement release in order to trick recipients into opening a phishing attachment.

BEC Gift Card Attack Leverages Foreign Character Substitution to Bypass Defenses

An attacker uses foreign character insertion in the email subject to send a request to connect via phone, likely for the purpose of purchasing gift cards.

Hijacked Email Thread Used to Send Executive Link to Password-Protected Malware

An old email thread is hijacked and used to send a link to likely malware payload.

Fake PayPal Cryptocurrency Payment Receipt Coerces Victims to Make Contact Via Phone

Fake invoice for a cryptocurrency purchase through PayPal is used to get email recipients to reach out via phone and likely download malware.

Impersonation Bypasses Security Controls with a Lookalike Email Address

An attacker posing as a vendor attempts to solicit overdue payments by using a lookalike email address.

Credential Phishing Email Tricks Employees Using Company HR Policy Changes

Attackers impersonate the human resources team to inform employees of salary increases, luring them to follow phishing links.

Payroll Diversion Attack Uses Spoofed Email Address

Attackers ask to update bank account details for an employee, using a spoofed email address to avoid detection.

Adobe Acrobat Secure Fax Link Leads to Dropbox-Hosted Phishing Website

An attacker email containing an image of an Adobe Acrobat fax link leads to a phishing website hosted on Dropbox infrastructure.

Employee Benefits Eligibility Lure Used to Phish for Email Credentials

Attackers impersonate the HR department to deliver an updated Employee Benefits Eligibility Policy as part of a credential phishing attack.

Accounts Payable Impersonated in Malware Delivery Attack

Attackers impersonate Accounts Payable to deliver a payroll remittance attachment that contains malware.


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