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Likely AI-Generated Credential Vishing Attack Features Impersonation of Walmart

An attacker attempts to create a sense of urgency and compel the target to call a fake customer service number by sending a bogus receipt for a recent iPhone purchase.

Likely AI-Generated Financial Services Scam Features Social Engineering Techniques for Future Credential Theft

An attacker attempts to develop trust with a recipient and set the stage for future credential theft by referencing past interactions and updates on a $800,000 investment.

Likely AI-Generated Microsoft Impersonator Sends Fake Attachment in Malware Attack

Using a legitimate domain as a mask, an attacker attempts to infect a recipient’s computer with malware via an HTML attachment.

Likely AI-Generated Credential Phishing Attack Features Impersonation of Medicare Australia

An attacker pretends to be from Medicare Australia and informs the recipient that their Medicare services have been suspended due to insufficient contact information.

Insurance Company Impersonator Provides Fake Benefits Document in Likely AI-Generated Attempted Malware Delivery

An attacker leverages a legitimate-looking domain as a mask to send a likely malware-infected document purportedly about benefits information.

TSB Bank Impersonator Uses Look-alike Domain in Likely AI-Generated Credential Phishing Attack

An attacker utilizes an unregistered look-alike domain as a mask to impersonate TSB Bank and steal sensitive information.

Netflix Impersonator Likely Utilizes Generative AI in Credential Phishing Attack

An attacker takes control of a legitimate domain to impersonate Netflix customer support in a credential theft attempt.

Attacker Takes Over Established Domain in Likely AI-Generated Credential Phishing

An attacker breaks into an 21-year-old email account and links to a malicious IPFS gateway to steal sensitive information.

Likely AI-Generated Metlife Advisor Impersonator Attempts Financial Services Scam

An attacker uses social engineering techniques to build trust with a recipient before likely stealing sensitive information and money.

Sophisticated USPS Impersonator Attempts Credential Theft in Multi-Layered Attack

An attacker likely uses generative AI to create a fake automated USPS message about incorrect address information, including links to a fake USPS landing page.

Investment Opportunity Spoofer Offers Financial Services in Likely AI-Generated Scam

An attacker offers business financing options and promises commission for all successful referrals using a spoofed address.

Cosmetics Brand Impersonator Attempts Payment Fraud in Fake Billing Scam

An attacker uses generative AI to attempt payment fraud by impersonating an Australian cosmetics brand.

Freight Company Impersonated in Likely AI-Generated Credential Theft Attempt

An attacker utilizes a close resemblance freight company DAT One's domain in a credential theft attempt.

Australian Government Spoofer Promises Tax Refund in Likely AI-Generated Credential Theft

An attacker pretends to be from the “Australian Taxation Office” to steal the victim’s login credentials by promising a tax refund.

Debt Collector Spoofer Attempts Credential Theft

An AI-generated attack impersonates a debt collector and creates a sense of urgency to attempt to steal personal information.

LinkedIn Spoofer Uses News of Silicon Valley Bank Closure to Attempt Payment Fraud

Attacker impersonates the LinkedIn billing department and references the recent closure of SVB in this likely AI-generated attack.

Likely AI-Generated Attack Attempts Credential Phishing

An attacker uses a generative AI tool to spoof an insurance company, hoping to steal login credentials.

AI-Generated Credential Theft Attempted via Internal Company Impersonation

By leveraging urgency, an attacker sends an internal company communication in an attempt to steal credentials.

Kraken Exchange Spoofer Attempts to Steal Login Information

An attacker impersonates a popular cryptocurrency exchange and creates a fake website to steal login credentials.


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