About Abnormal Intelligence

When new threats emerge, you should be prepared. Abnormal Intelligence gives you the information you need to stop attacks before they target your organization.

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Our Mission Statement

Abnormal Intelligence provides the insight you need to protect your organization from cyber attacks. We make sure you know what is changing across the threat landscape so you can worry less and sleep better.

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About Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security is the leading cloud-native email security platform that leverages behavioral data science. Unlike legacy solutions, the Abnormal platform uses an innovative AI-based approach that understands the people, relationships, and processes to stop the attacks that matter most.

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Interested in joining the Abnormal Intelligence team? We’d love to have you!

Abnormal is tackling serious, ever-evolving email security challenges. When you join Abnormal, you’ll work with the world’s most talented threat intelligence team—ensuring that our customers stay protected from the cybercriminals behind today’s attacks.

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