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Action Required: Closure of your Robinhood account


Action Required: Closure of your Robinhood account

Our systems recently identified charges that appear to be unauthorized by the customer, meaning that the owner of the account did not consent to these payments. This means that we can no longer accept payments for your account.

Refunds on card payments will be issued in 5 business days, although they may take longer to appear on the cardholder's statement. Please refer to your Dashboard for a list of the charges to be refunded. If there are insufficient funds on your account to cover any refunds, these refunds will not be processed and any outstanding funds will remain on your account.

What you can do

If you believe that we've made a mistake, we'd like to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. To help us effectively revisit your account, please complete the below verification form:

Complete verification

Once verification has been completed, we will re-review your account within 24-48 hours.

If you have any questions, please contact customer support. We're here to help.

- The Robinhood Team

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