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Civil Case File #291786


Dear Customer,

We have tried to work with you but you are not cooperating with us. Then, unfortunately, we have forwarded your case file to the legal department of FDCP. We already updated the legal department to file the Court petition in the Courthouse. Once the Court Summons will be signed by the court clerk we will update you one copy at your postal address along with one copy at following places:

1. Nearest Police Station

2. At your Employer

3. Internal Revenue Services

4. Federal Bureau for Credit

5. Bank with which you have accounts.

Note: If you want to avoid all these unnecessary steps then you have to get back to us with the payment. Now kindly get back to us so that we can send you the payment instruction.

Thank You.

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Payment Fraud


Maliciously Registered Domain


Legal Matter
Overdue Payment

Impersonated Party

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