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Unpaid Invoice


Hi [Recipient First Name],

 I just received a follow up e-mail from Francesca a lawyer from Allen & Overy representing a firm we worked with, regarding a late bill for the amount of £65,560.90 issued last year for a services rendered on our behalf and I have asked her to contact you.

 I understand that the invoice was sent before but didn't get into the system for payment. Attached is a copy of the outstanding invoice. Can we get this paid today? 

 Many Thanks,
[Executive Name]


From: Francesca Bennetts <>
Posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 9:02 AM 
To: [Executive Name] <[Executive Email Address]>
Subject: Unpaid Invoice

 Hi [Executive First Name],

 I have sent the invoice again to you as reminder. I wish to inform you that this invoice is already due and if this is not paid this week, we will have to open a case against your firm. 

 Kind Regards.

 Francesca Bennetts | Senior Associate

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