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Hello [Recipient First Name],

Are you available? I need your assistance and I've got Credence in you to take care of this. I would have called your phone, I am out of town now for a meeting and I do not have access to my mobile phone. [Target Company Name] needs some gift cards for donation to Community Welfare with patients and Veterans at Hospice Care, can you confirm if you can get some today? I will need you to get 6 pieces x 100 denominations of either Target , Amazon or Best Buy gift cards which totals 600:00 online or at any convenience store near you. 

When you have the physical cards.

(1) Take snapshots to capture the front and back of the gift cards. (Scratch Target)

(2) Attach the pics & send to the Veterans Hospice Palliative Care e-mail address <> and cc me.

The idea is to make the card readable for the Vets can have access to it.

Let me know if you can get this done today. You will be reimbursed guaranteed by me.


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